Envisioning the Future

Client: National Western Center
Task: Strategic Brand Visioning, Workshop Design, Facilitation
Challenge: How do we envision the future of the oldest and largest stock show in the U.S.?
Team: Curiosity Atlas

The City of Denver is undertaking one of the most significant developments in the city’s history, reimagining the National Western Center as the country’s crossroad for agriculture, innovation, and entertainment. In partnership with Kulli Marketing, we asked what the future would hold for the development and what it meant for Denver. We engaged city leaders and stakeholders in developing a vision for the National Western Center that established working values, a purpose, and, most of all, honored the pioneering spirit of Denver.

The two-day workshop kicked off with an evening at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. The night set a tone of unconventional inspiration with a talk by museum director Adam Lerner. Attendees were then tasked to create their own instillation of "Headlines from the Future," imagining the great feats ahead of the National Western Center over the next 30 years.

Day two was about getting to work. The brain trust tackled the challenge through the lens of unique pillars important to the foundation of the city and the National Western Center -- Art, Community, Education, Commerce, Entertainment, Heritage, etc. Our common ground across all pillars helped point to the WHY and values. And naturally, we took a inspiration and sugar break with The Inventing Room and their mad-science approach to ice cream.