In the Pocket

Getting Leaders In the Pocket

Client: Google gTech
Task: Leadership Development for 150-person Offsite
Challenge: What can Google learn about creative leadership from a world-class jazz ensemble?
Team: Curiosity Atlas

With an off-site for 150 leaders looming, the gTech management needed Curiosity Atlas to not just inspire, but genuinely move their leadership team to approach their work differently. Our solution, get curious about jazz, baby!

By taking the Google leaders out of their element -- and into the world of jazz -- we were able to explore the challenges and opportunities of leading teams in a more relaxed context. Changing the subject matter allows more freedom and creativity for generating new solutions to their problem space.

After two days of facilitated immersion into the world of jazz, gTech leaders left with actionable ideas to incorporate lessons on improvisation, communication, and flexibility in their teams and work.