Come OUT to Amador

Project: Come OUT to Amador
Task: Introduce a new demographic to Amador County
Challenge: Capture Amador's personality in a weekend event
Team: Ann Kraemer - Yorba Wines, Tracey Berkner - Restaurant Taste, Dewey Allen - Bella Grace, Athena Padilla-Gordon - Hanford House Bed and Breakfast, Jack Gorman & Me - Co-founders

After living and working in Amador County for three years, my husband and I decided it was time to share all we loved about country life with our community. So we pulled together business and community leaders to create an event to tell Amador's story. One part marketing and two parts community building, the event manifested as a food and wine weekend for the LGBT community, the first of its kind in the Sierra Foothills.

From brand to website to earned press to personalized itineraries, our team created every detail from scratch.

From food & wine pairing workshops lead by acclaimed chefs to exploring natural caves to touring North America's oldest documented zinfandel vineyard, guests were able to choose from a menu of activities to get to the facets of Amador that interested them the most. All activities were kept small and intimate to increase the opportunity for more personal connections with locals and artisans.

Gratuitous food porn. Everyone left very well fed. 

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